Main Food Tent

Large Sampler
All of these delicious favorites on one platter! Keftedes, Dolmades, Spanakopita, Loukaniko (Greek sausage), Feta Cheese, Olives, Pepperoncini, Pita Bread Wedge, and Tzatziki Sauce

Chicken Oreganato Platter
Delicious Greek-style chicken basted with a marinade of olive oil, lemon and oregano, baked and served with rice pilaf and herbed green beans.

Souvlaki Platter
Succulent pork kebabs marinated with onions and bell peppers, then grilled and served with rice pilaf and herbed green beans.

Lamb Platter
Delicious lamb shank served with rice pilaf and herbed green beans.

Mini Sampler
Three delicious favorites: Keftedes, Dolmades, and Spanakopita.

Spinach and feta cheese pie with a flaky phyllo crust.

Smoked Lamb Sandwich
Tender smoked lamb served on soft bread with Tzatziki sauce.

Ground beef and rice delicately seasoned with onions and herbs, wrapped in grapevine leaves.

Greek-style meatballs covered with seasoned tomato sauce.

Sweet sausage marinated with Greek spices and grilled on an open flame.

Greek Salad
Mixed greens garnished with feta cheese, tomatoes, kalamata olives & pepperoncini, topped with Greek dressing.

Gyro Wrap
Slices of seasoned beef, grilled and served on pita bread, topped with Tzatziki sauce, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, and onions.

Slices of seasoned beef or marinated chicken, grilled & served on pita bread, topped with Tzatziki sauce, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, and onions.

Succulent pork tenderloin kebabs, marinated, grilled, and served with pita bread.

Greek Fries
Hand cut steak-fries tossed in Greek seasoning.

Grilled Corn
Corn on the cobb, grilled to perfection!



Almond Crescents
Light pastry covered in almonds

Layer upon layer of buttered phyllo and ground pecans and walnuts with a generous pouring of syrup.

Chocolate Baklava
Baklava drizzled with chocolate

Creamy custard wrapped with phyllo and syrup.

Traditional butter cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Twisted butter cookies

Baklava Sundae
Baklava crumbled over ice cream, drizzled with honey or chocolate syrup.

Ginger spice cookies, dipped in honey syrup and topped with walnuts.

Shredded phyllo dough wrapped around nuts and spices.

Pastry Sampler
9 piece assortment that includes: Baklava, Chocolate Baklava, Almond Crescent, Kourabiethes, Koulourakia, and Melomacarona


Kafenion (Greek Café)

Greek-style doughnuts drizzled with honey and dusted with cinnamon

Greek-style iced coffee

Greek-Style Coffee
Rich, strong coffee served sweet or plain

Brewed Hot Coffee & Select Pastries



Soft Drinks
Greek Iced Tea
Bottled Water
Greek Wines
Greek Beer

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