All weekend long, enjoy traditional dances from various regions of Greece as each dance group performs dances from a different region. Sit back and enjoy your tour of Greece through our beautiful folk dancing in our traditional folk costumes.

The evening shows this year will take you on a journey through time illustrating the last 100 years of Greek history through dance. We will start in the “Rembetiko” period of the 1920s-1940s. the music of this period is what we call the Rhythm and Blues period. Much of the music from this time period was born out of depression and oppression like the American Blues. Then we will see the 1950s-1970s Pop period better known as “Zorba.” This was the prosperous time in Greece and it showed again in the music with the livelier beats of the Zorba. We will close the evening with dances based on Greek folk dances and choreographed to the latest hits and remixed classics.