OFFICIAL NAME: Hellenic Republic
AREA: 131,957 sq km (50,949 sq mi)
CLIMATE: Mediterranean; mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers
TERRAIN: Mostly mountains with ranges extending into the sea as peninsulas or chains of islands. About a fifth of Greece consists of islands and no part of Greece is more than 85 miles from the sea.
SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary Republic
ESTIMATED POPULATION: 10,815,197 (in 2011)
RELIGION: The official religion is Greek Orthodox Christianity which accounts for 98% of the population.


Greece is the cradle of Western civilization, the origin of drama, history, philosophy, and the birthplace of democracy. It is hard to imagine what civilized life would be like without the infleuence of ancient Greece, the geometry of Euclides or Pythagoras, the logic of Aristoteles, the unique architectural style which has influenced architects all over the world, or even the fables of Aesop’s known to children around the globe. Let us not forget the Olympic Games, with their spirit of world peace and brotherhood, first conceived and organized by the Greeks and the Greek language which has enriched other languages with so many words and concepts.


Greece offers a unique blend of the most beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, overwhelming history, and a people of great hospitality.


English/Greek Survival Guide
English Greek
Cheers Yia’sou
Good morning Kalime’ra
Good evening Kalispe’ra
Good night Kalini’chta
Thank you Efharisto’
How are you Ti Ka’nis
Fantastic Fantastiko’
Please Parakalo’
I’m hungry Pina’o
Hot Ze’sto
Cold Cri’o
I would like The’lo
Telephone Tile’fono
Let’s go eat Pa’me na fa’me
Let’s go Pa’me
English Greek
I am leaving Fe’vgo
We are leaving Fe’vgoume
See you again Tha’ se do’ ksana’
Taxi Taxi’
Water Nero’
Bread Psomi’
Beer Bi’ra
Wine Krassi’
“Paint thinner” Retsi’na
Chicken Koto’poulo
Pork Hirino’
Beef Vothino’
Fish Psa’ri
Salad Sala’ta

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